I did a series of cartoon drawings to depict myself as illustrator. The idea was to use the drawings to put together one of those “What I really do” memes that people post on facebook.


It was not too easy without any graphic design programmes. I tried inserting the drawings and text into a Word document, but could not get the layout to work out. Someone promised to send me the info on how to do the memes, but than never happened. I wished I had CorelDraw; I pined for Photoshop; I was told to get Paintdotnet.

Then I got caught up in an illustration assignment that had, as always, a hectic deadline. Your life turns into long stretches of work punctuated by numerous cups of coffee (or cocoa, in order to put off mealtimes), slabs of chocolate, huge bags of potatoe crisps and forays to the local supermarket to get an assortment of tinned foods to feed the drawing machine. When the body screams for real food, the local restaurant saves the day with healthy vegetarian dishes and top-quality coffee.

Post-deadline, my thoughts turned again to my illustrator cartoon strip.

By that time, my CorelDraw had disappeared; my DVD had packed up, so I could not load Photoshop; Paintdotnet seemed to download, but I could never find any sign of it on my computer.

I googled for info on the memes and found that I could use a free template – but lo and behold, the memes have the text at the bottom of the pics but I left room for it at the top of my drawings. Now I had a composition problem as well.

The day was saved when I thought of using Microsoft Office Publisher, which I have used before to make some nice posters and business cards. I was going to write a post about my latest illustration assignment, but spent the afternoon working on the riddle of the cartoon strip instead. I am happy to say that I’ve managed to put together a presentable layout, which I can share with you now.