I love painting in red. I often do a red undercoat on the canvas even though I intend to do a mostly blue painting, such as a seascape.

The first painting below was done from the imagination – one of those artworks that springs into your mind in full detail. I thought of it as “The Biker Angel” while I was painting it and many people have called it that without knowing that it is my title for it.

The next artwork, the smaller painting (about 16x16cm) of a biker, started as a pen doodle while I was discussing the love of my life at the time (the biker!) with a friend. It was a short-lived affair. Years later, I made this painting based on the doodle. The biker had died by then, our mutual friend has told me. It is called “Each to His Own”.

The little red landscape was made for an exhib to protest against mining in the Verlorenvlei area in Western Cape Province of South Africa. I thought I was doing the underpainting – but then I liked it and left it just like that. And it sold quickly just like that. It remains one of  my favourites, together with the other two. It’s title is “Verlorenvlei Red Alert”.