I was without internet recently for about a week. The result was more time relaxing in my armchair instead of in front of the computer.

blomdala-10-jan-2017On the first day, I made a drawing in response to the birthday bouquet of a 95-year-old friend. Loved doing it, so I kept some pencils and card at the ready and  made a drawing almost every day for the rest of the week.

On the second day, I was cornered in the armchair by a cat making itself at home on my lap. Luckily the pencils and paper were at hand. I just looked around and an abstract colour exercise stuck on the cupboard next to me gave me the idea to do a mandala. During the rest of the week, I responded to  what happened every day.




Day three was a design of three women with arms full of arum lilies, because three friends paid me surprise visits on that day. On day four I had some designs for clay sculptures at hand and turned one of them into an abstract pencil drawing – the Happy Potter.










Close-ups of a grenadilla plant I often pass on my daily walks with the dogs suggested itself to me on the fifth day, so I took my camera with on that day and took some photos. By day six, the imagination was fired up nicely and I did an imaginary night scene of a tree.


Day seven was a day of rest, mostly because I decided to stop at an even number – and because I had been spending way too much time in the armchair drawing in  myriad of awkward positions imposed by my eight cats taking turns to make good use of the availability of my comfy, laptop-free lap.a-tree-of-life-13-jan-2017






These works are on exhibition at BITOU ART GALLERY: