dscn5929happy-potter-13-jan-2017I just love working in clay and have been designing “Proud Potter” figures which express the pride and pleasure I derive from this work (See some of my latest designs below).


My work in clay and pencil have started to merge and some of these designs have found expression in both mediums.


I have been experimenting with brick clay and primitive firing techniques for the past year and am now at the point where I can make some nice things AND expect them to make it through the firing.

Four of the Proud Potters are drying now and some will be ready for firing in about two weeks’ time. I made some rough sketches today to use for more Proud Potter pencil sketches and I will probably make some paintings or colour drawings based on them as well.

Woven into the designs is also my love of cats. Their wonderful, graceful shapes can be moulded as easily as clay and bring endless possibilities of expression to design.



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